This digest of reports and papers published over the past year and recommended by ICDE provides a good background to the ongoing debate about MOOCs, Open Educational Resources and online education. http://www.icde.org/Ten+useful+reports+on+MOOCs+and+online+education.b7C_wRnSWg.ips

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  • Ple Conference 2014

    The coordinator of the EMMA project, prof. Rosanna De Rosa from the University of Naples Federico II, will be in Tallin, Estonia, for the PLE Conference 2014 from 16th until 18th July. The barcamp session she is running focuses on […]

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Computer Science & ICT , Education

Technology Enhanced Learning

This course will provide you with both theoretical underpinnings and practical hands-on experience of the technologies in different learning contexts.


General Pedagogy

Major empirical research from the post-war period until the present day

Nnapoli Centro Storico

Business & Economics , Social Sciences

Business Management, Social Innovation and Cultural Heritage

Theories and case studies involving social innovation planning

MOOC E-learning

Computer Science & ICT , Education


Learn about learning analytics, e-learning trends, the assessment of multimedia content, GoogleGlass and HeadUpDisplays in education.

Climate Change MOOC

Science , Social Sciences

Climate Changes: The Context Of Life Experiences

We will look at scientific, political, economic and social components of climate change, as well as their connection with sustainability.